Library cards are free to all residents of Allegheny County. To obtain a library card, you must have a current photo ID and proof of address. We can accept the following forms of identification:

Photo ID and proof of address 
  • Current Pennsylvania driver’s license with Allegheny County address
  • Current Pennsylvania identification card with Allegheny County address
Photo ID (may require separate proof of address)
  • Pennsylvania driver’s license or ID card showing an out-of-county address
  • Out-of-state driver’s license or identification card
  • Passport
  • Student identification card
  • Work identification card
Proof of address
  • Utility bill
  • Lease or renter’s agreement
  • Vehicle registration

If you do not have a current official proof of address, please ask the front desk staff for assistance.

Loan Periods

  • Books (including audiobooks): 21 days
  • DVDs or Blu-rays: 7 days; certain DVD or Blu-ray sets have 21 day loans
  • Music CDs: 7 days


Updated February 2020

Most items can be renewed up to 6 times. Items will renew automatically shortly before their due date; either 1 day prior to the due date for 7-day items, or 3 days prior to the due date for 21-day items. If another patron has a hold on an item, that item cannot be renewed.

Borrowing Limits

Updated February 2022

There is no limit to the  number of items you may check out at one time.

Overdue Fees

Updated February 2022

The library does not charge daily overdue fees for our items. However, for items which are significantly overdue, you may receive a bill for the replacement cost of the item and a processing fee.

Bills can be reduced or waived in some cases. Please contact us at 412-531-8754 or ask at the front desk to discuss your billed items. Bills for items owned by Dormont Public Library are not reported to credit agencies or bill collection agencies. However, if the total of billed items or fees on your library card exceeds $10, you may be unable to borrow new items until your total is below $10.

Each library in the Allegheny County library system is free to set their own fine and fee policies, and items which are borrowed from other libraries are subject to those libraries’ fine and fee policies. Please contact the owning library for any items which are not owned by Dormont Public Library. 

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted in person at the library. Fines of $2 or more can be paid online.