Limited Weekly Computer Appointments

Beginning Wednesday, October 28, we will be offering a limited number of appointments for computer use. These appointments will be for a single user at a time, with 30 minute sessions, and may be reserved on Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 2 and 4:15 PM. For more details, read our full update or call 412-531-8754.

Continuing Precautions

The library building is not yet open to patrons except for limited weekly computer appointments, but staff are available six days a week by telephone or email to answer questions, arrange curbside pickup, or assist with remote document services. Read more about quarantine procedures and what we're doing to keep the community safe.

Saturday Afternoon Reading: The Redheaded Princess, Part 3

The man who wished to wed Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Seymour, has been convicted of thirty-three charges of treason against England. Elizabeth falls into a deep depression and her brother King Edward VI’s health begins to decline. Edward’s foolish choice of an heir leads to a succession crisis; Elizabeth’s half-sister Mary Tudor seizes the throne, lighting the fuse on long-held tensions between English Protestants and Catholics. If Elizabeth is to become queen, she must first survive the chaos. Please note that … Read More

Origami Club: Make a Tree

This week, we’re making origami trees. Out of paper. Which is made from… trees. It’s the circle of life. This is a great way to reuse any kind of paper and reduce waste; just cut out a square and start folding a forest.

Wednesday Evening Reading: Song of the Trees

This week, Amy reads Song of the Trees, a short novel by Newbery Award-winning writer Mildred D. Taylor and published by Dial Books, read with permission of Penguin Group. It’s Mississippi, 1933. Cassie’s Papa is away working on the railroads to support his family, and her mother and Big Ma are having trouble making ends meet. Cassie and her brothers love to play in the forest on the Logan family land, but suddenly the song of the forest is interrupted–an … Read More

Read to Me Storytime: Just Ask!

Amy reads Just Ask! by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, illustrated by Rafael López, and published by Philomel Books. Read by permission of Penguin Group. This book is about disabilities or health challenges that kids might see in their classmates, around town, or might live with themselves. But the message of this book is that despite the challenges each child faces, they all come together to plant and care for a beautiful garden. Afterwards, Amy demonstrates how to make a … Read More

Saturday Afternoon Reading: The Redheaded Princess, Part 2

The King is dead – Long live the king! Elizabeth’s brother Edward has taken the throne, though he is still a child. With growing unrest and religious conflict on the horizon, schemers and manipulators put their plans into action. And Elizabeth herself is faced with a personal crisis. Please note that this book provides a frank description of the social norms of 16th century England and the aristocracy of the era.

Saturday Storytime: Show Way

This week, Amy reads Show Way, written by Jacqueline Woodson, illustrated by Hudson Talbott, and published by Penguin Putnam. Read by permission of Penguin Group. Show Way tells the story of the author’s ancestors over centuries, from slave to free, artists and activists, through the civil rights era and into today. The “show way” quilt patterns that once acted as a secret code to help slaves escape become a symbol of heitage, binding together the past and the present. After … Read More

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