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We’re preparing a new lineup of virtual programs for January-May 2021. We’ll continue to offer family storytime, crafts, and origami instructional videos, but we’re also introducing two new programs.

For children up to 2nd Grade and families, we’ll have Read To Me Storytime and Family Crafts. Each Saturday at 10:30 AM we’ll alternate between a story geared to toddlers and a simple craft, and a story for families with a craft or origami project.

The At-Home Road Trip is for students in 3rd-5th grade. Each month, we’ll select a different region of the United States for our trip, and each week of that month we’ll have a set of questions that kids can try their research skills against. At the end of the program in May, we’ll have a raffle for a $25 gift card prize! See the complete rules below for more details. Plus, every child who participates in the program is eligible for a free goodie bag each month.

For students in 6th-8th grade, we’ll be offering a monthly STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) project. Once a month we’ll post a demonstration video about that month’s theme. Let it inspire you to make your own twist on our project. Send a photo or a video of your completed project to the library, and you’ll earn a chance for a $25 gift card raffle drawing at the end of the program in May. Earn up to five chances if you complete and send proof for every project.

Program Schedule

All programs subject to change.
Week No.Mondays, 6 PM: At-Home Road Trip (3rd-5th Grade)Thursdays, 6 PM: Monthly STEAM Project (6th-8th Grade)Saturdays, 10:30 AM: Read To Me Storytime & Crafts
101/04-01/09January Road Trip: NortheastJanuary Project: StructuresPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
201/11-01/16Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
301/18-01/23Answers PostedPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
401/25-01/30Answers PostedLast Week to Submit January ProjectFamily Story / Craft
502/01-02/06Last of January's Answers Posted

February Road Trip: Southeast
February Project: ArtPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
602/08-02/13Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
702/15-02/20Answers PostedPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
802/22-02/27Answers PostedLast Week to Submit February ProjectFamily Story / Craft
903/01-03/06Last of February's Answers Posted

March Road Trip: Southwest
March Project: Kite Building / AerodynamicsPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
1003/08-03/13Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
1103/15-03/20Answers PostedPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
1203/22-03/27Answers PostedLast Week to Submit March ProjectFamily Story / Craft
1303/29-04/03Last of March's Answers Posted

April Road Trip: Midwest
April Project: EnvironmentalPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
1404/05-04/10Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
1504/12-04/17Answers PostedPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
1604/19-04/24Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
1704/26-05/01Last of April's Answers Posted

May Road Trip: Northwest/Alaska/Hawaii
Last Week to Submit April ProjectPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
1805/03-05/08Answers PostedMay Project: Ice Cream MakerFamily Story / Craft
1905/10-05/15Answers PostedPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft
2005/17-05/22Answers PostedFamily Story / Craft
2105/24-05/29Last of May's Answers PostedLast Week to Submit May ProjectPreschool/Toddler Storytime/Craft

Raffle Rules

At-Home Road Trip

This program is geared toward 3rd to 5th graders and will run from January through May. The first trip ticket will be available during the week of December 14th for those who are not affiliated with Dormont Elementary. If you are affiliated with Dormont Elementary, they will be in your December packet. Subsequent trip tickets will be available the last week of January, February, March, and April, to be used for the following month. For Dormont Elementary, the trip ticket will be in the monthly packet. The monthly trip ticket will contain the instructions for the program, information for the region that will be featured each month, and question / answer pages for each week.

The states will be divided into 5 regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest. There will be four questions each week and 4 weeks per region. Alaska and Hawaii will be included in the final month’s ticket book

The entire month’s questions will be contained in the ticket book, broken out into 4 weekly periods. We will post the answers for a week’s questions the following Monday at 6 PM. To receive credit for answering on a given week, a parent, guardian, or responsible adult needs to sign/initial the week’s page before that week’s answers are posted. (We don’t have any way of checking this. We request that parents please play fair.)

Library staff will check answers in one of two ways: bring the ticket book with you when you visit the library for a curbside pickup or to get a new month’s ticket book, or send photos of the completed pages to Each child can receive a goodie bag by showing us their completed ticket book each month. (Please call ahead when picking up a goodie bag so we can have it ready to go.)

For each completed ticket book, the child earns one chance in the prize raffle to be held at the end of May. If all the answers in that month’s ticket book are correct (and verified by a parent/guardian/responsible adult to have been written before the answers were posted), they will earn two tickets for that month. A child who completes each month’s ticket book can receive between 5 and 10 tickets in this way.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of May and is for one $25 gift card; we will notify the winner.

Library staff will track each child’s progress and ticket earnings.

Monthly STEAM Project

There will be one project each month, January through May. The project and a demonstration will be posted on the first Thursday of each month. To earn a raffle ticket for the prize drawing in May, participants must submit a photo or video of their version of the project to before the 28th of each month.

Depending on the project, a limited supply of materials may be available for pickup at the library.

If you have any questions about any of these programs, please contact us using the contact form on our website, emailing, or calling 412-531-8754 during our staff hours.