Effective February 4, 2019, we will be making significant changes to our operating hours and programming schedule. For background on these changes, please read the statement posted by the Dormont Public Library Board of Directors.

The following is a brief summary of changes to our operating hours and program schedule. For more information, or if you have questions, please call 412-531-8754 or email dormontprogramming@einetwork.net.

Operating Hours (effective Monday, February 4, 2019)

Monday9 AM-9 PM
Wednesday9 AM-9 PM
Thursday9 AM-6 PM
Friday1 PM-5 PM
Saturday9 AM-5 PM

Changes to Existing Programs

Read to Me StorytimeWednesday 10:30 AM
Friday 1:30 PM
Saturday StorytimeNo changes
Tail Waggin’ Storytime1st Wednesday monthly, 6:30 PM
Kids’ Open Craft NightNow Afterschool Open Crafts
Thursday, 3-5:30 PM
Chess LessonsAs of July, this program has ended
Matinees ‘n MunchiesNo changes
LEGO ClubNo changes
Origami Paper Crafts
No changes
Move-Meditate YogaNo changes
Hatha YogaThis program has ended.
Meditation in Motion
(Silat Tuo Minang)
As of May, this program has ended.