New Mobile App for Allegheny County Libraries

Screenshot of the Allegheny County Libraries app with "Dormont Public LIbrary" selected.

Try the new Allegheny County Libraries mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to search for books and place holds, quickly see our operating hours and upcoming events, and even use your phone as a digital library card!

Since this is an app for all Allegheny County libraries, make sure you choose “Dormont Public Library” as your preferred library the first time you start the app.

For questions or comments about the mobile app, email or call 412-531-8754.

Get the mobile app for iOS or Android

Allegheny County Libraries
Allegheny County Libraries
Developer: OCLC Capira
Price: Free

Rosalind Candy Castle Chocolate: $2

Dormont Library is now offering chocolate bars from Rosalind Candy Castle as fundraiser items! These bars are a little bigger than a 2-ounce fundraiser bar, at 2.25 oz, but the price is the same. The library will receive $1 from the purchase of each $2 bar.

Plain milk and dark chocolate bars are available, as well as crisp rice, almond, caramel, and peanut butter. Treat yourself and support the library the next time you visit; fundraiser candy bars are available at the front desk.

ACLA Talent Bank

A message from our friends at the Allegheny County Library Association.

The Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) launched The Talent Bank – a new online resource to help local libraries to acquire the interest and talents of community members to serve in leadership positions.

Many opportunities for library board of trustees and volunteer committee positions exist among ACLA’s 46 public libraries. Through The Talent Bank, ACLA and its member libraries are working to ensure library leadership reflects the richness and diversity of each community.

Those interested can visit ACLA’s website ( and submit an expression of interest. An individual’s information will be sent to their local library for consideration. Libraries will independently reach out to each applicant to discuss volunteer opportunities for boards and/or committees.

“The use and popularity of libraries has grown given the expansion of resources and services provided to residents,” said Marilyn Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Allegheny County Library Association. “Because our libraries represent all of our community needs, it’s absolutely essential that library leadership reflect the people who live in our communities.”

ACLA’s member libraries deliver services in more than 70 locations. Collectively, they jointly offer downloadable books, audios, and videos, the ability for users to borrow tools or cooking equipment, enjoy live readings or music, use a computer or take a tutoring session, along with a diverse calendar of programming events.

Library boards often have a range of subcommittees for individuals to serve. Board and committee service are on a voluntary basis and do not offer financial compensation. Those interested should visit ACLA’s website for more information –

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