Volume 1: Cooking

Welcome to the Special Collection feature! This is a new virtual “program” we’re trying out. Every week, we’ll put together a playlist of related videos exploring a different topic. For this first installment, we’ll focus on cooking tips, techniques, and recipes.

#1: No-Knead Country Bread, from Chef John of FoodWishes

No-knead bread was popularized in the 2000s by baker Jim Lahey and the New York Times food writer Mark Bittman. Here, Chef John of the YouTube channel FoodWishes, demonstrates how to make a no-knead ciabatta-style bread. It requires very little work, just plenty of time: if you want bread tomorrow, start it today!

#2: 18th Century Peach Preserves

Townsends is a channel devoted to exploring the history of the 18th century through re-enactment: cooking, camping, weaving, sewing, candlemaking, and more. This video is about two different methods of making peach preserves that produce uniquely different results.

#3: The Food Lab: The Best Way to Freeze

If you’ve ever “enjoyed” the just-plain-gross taste of freezer-burned food or if you’ve accidentally cooked something trying to defrost it in the microwave, this video from Serious Eats is for you. Kenji shows off a technique for making sure your frozen food freezes fast, and defrosts just as quickly.

As a bonus, here’s another Kenji video about how to make great egg fried rice, no matter what kind of stove you have.

#4: Cooking with Dog

The dog’s name is Francis. He doesn’t cook, but he narrates. This unique cooking channel has a dedicated international fanbase. In this episode, Francis and his assistant make a refreshing vanilla gelato.

#5: Jacques Pepin Essential Techniques

This is a complete cooking course from veteran chef Jacques Pepin. Clocking in at over three hours, you might not want to watch it from beginning to end in one sitting. But it is quite comprehensive, beginning with opening a champagne bottle and ending with chocolate and sweets. In between, you’ll see guide for chopping, peeling, grilling, frying, and getting sand out of your spinach

As a content note, there is a section of the video at around 1 hour and 10 minutes where a live lobster is killed. Some viewers may not wish to see this.

Suggestions Wanted

Thanks for checking out our first video collection. There are many other great videos on each of these channels, and we hope you enjoy exploring them.

If you have a suggestion for channels or a topic that we should cover in future video collections, please let us know! You can send an email using our contact form or directly to dormontprogramming@einetwork.net.