Book Bag Sale: $3 through Feb. 28

For a limited time, take advantage of our Book Bag Sale! Through the end of February we’ll be offering Book Sale bags for just $3 each (normally $5). Not sure how the sale works? Just ask for a bag at the front desk and fill it with books from our Book Sale shelves. Stop by any time that we’re open! Proceeds benefit Dormont Library.

Tax Forms Availability

Federal tax forms from the IRS for the 2022 tax year are on their way.

Pennsylvania tax forms for the 2022 tax year will not be available until the tax season officially begins on January 19. This includes PA-1000 Rent Rebate forms and instructions.

John Balkovec Pittsburgh Collection

Today we’re proud to dedicate the John Balkovec Pittsburgh Collection. The late Mr. Balkovec was active and well known in many local community institutions, as well as a former board member of Dormont Public Library. We are grateful to the Balkovec famly for their contribution to the library, and we hope you’ll take a look and share John’s love for his hometown.

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Ongoing Plant Sale

Try keeping a little bit of green in your home all year long with our ongoing plant sale! We have a variety of leafy plants and succulents to add a splash of color. Ask at the front desk or call 412-531-8754. All proceeds from the sale of plants benefit Dormont Library.

New Mobile App for Allegheny County Libraries

Screenshot of the Allegheny County Libraries app with "Dormont Public LIbrary" selected.

Try the new Allegheny County Libraries mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to search for books and place holds, quickly see our operating hours and upcoming events, and even use your phone as a digital library card!

Since this is an app for all Allegheny County libraries, make sure you choose “Dormont Public Library” as your preferred library the first time you start the app.

For questions or comments about the mobile app, email or call 412-531-8754.

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Allegheny County Libraries
Allegheny County Libraries
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Rosalind Candy Castle Chocolate: $2

Dormont Library is now offering chocolate bars from Rosalind Candy Castle as fundraiser items! These bars are a little bigger than a 2-ounce fundraiser bar, at 2.25 oz, but the price is the same. The library will receive $1 from the purchase of each $2 bar.

Plain milk and dark chocolate bars are available, as well as crisp rice, almond, caramel, and peanut butter. Treat yourself and support the library the next time you visit; fundraiser candy bars are available at the front desk.