Changes to Renewals & Lending Rules

Beginning on February 9, all libraries in the Allegheny County Library Association system made the following changes to lending rules.

  • Instead of a maximum of 2 renewals, there will be a maximum of 6 renewals per item, For 21-day items, this means that items may be checked out for a total of 21 weeks (147 days); 7-day items may be be checked out for a total of 7 weeks (49 days), unless the items are non-renewable.
  • Items will automatically renew, unless another patron has placed a request for the item. 7-day items will renew the day before their due date, and 21-day items will renew 3 days prior to their due date.
  • Items which previously could not be renewed will continue to remain nonrenewable.
  • If you currently receive courtesy email notices, you will still receive them 1 day or 3 days before the item’s due date as a reminder that the item is still checked out to you. (Beginning on Tuesday, February 25, email courtesy notices will now inform you if your item cannot be renewed.)
  • There are no changes to fines at this time. Items that are not returned after the total number of renewals have elapsed or that cannot be renewed (because they are non-renewable or because another patron has requested the item) will accrue fines.

If you have any questions about the new item renewal rules or auto renewals, please give us a call or ask at the front desk.