At-Home Road Trip Answers: May, Week 3

Here are the answers for Week 3 of May’s At-Home Road Trip ticket book. Remember, to receive credit for this week, a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must sign your page to confirm that you filled in the answers before the answers were posted. Click the post title for the full answers.


  1. In which state can you visit the Hoover Dam?
  2. In which state can you see the swallows return to Mission San Juan every March?
  3. Which state boasts the rainiest place in the United States, with 460 inches of rain yearly?
  4. In which state can you visit Garibaldi to watch the crab races?


  1. The Hoover Dam is one of America’s greatest public works projects, on par with the interstate highway system. The first plans to build a dam along the Colorado River had been drawn up around 1900, but it wasn’t until 1931 that building technology had advanced to the point of making such a massive structure possible–at the time, it was the largest concrete structure ever built. The dam itself sits on a border between two states, but is generally considered to “belong” to Nevada. Boulder City, Nevada, was constructed near the dam site to house all the workers; for entertainment, they could travel to nearby Las Vegas. When the dam was completed in 1936 (two years ahead of schedule), then-president Franklin D. Roosevelt landed in the history books as the first president to visit Vegas.
  2. There’s a famous song about the swallows of the Mission San Juan Capistrano, first recorded in 1940 by the Ink Spots, but the Mission itself is a fascinating historic location. Founded in 1776 by Spanish Catholics in what would become modern-day Orange County, California, the Mission is also famous in art, literature, film, architecture, and even the culinary arts–the first grapevines in California were planted there, Fewer swallows return to Capistrano these days, since the ruins of the Mission’s Great Stone Church is no longer the tallest building in the area, but the “Return of the Swallows” is celebrated yearly on March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph.
  3. Not just the United States–the most rain in the world falls, on average, in the vicinity of Mt. Waialeale, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Every season is the rainy season near Mt. Waialeale; it rains 360 days a year! There’s another competitor known as the Big Bog on the island of Maui which may have the potential to take the “wettest place on earth” crown in a few more years.
  4. 🦀The crab races are held every year in Garibaldi, Oregon🦀 Garibaldi is a tourism-focused fishing village located along the coast of Tillamook Bay, about 75 miles west of Portland. It’s a favorite desination for fans of the sea, seabirds, or seafood. The crab races have been put on hiatus for a little while, but it was a tradition for over three decades, so the crabs will surely have their day in the sun once again.

How did you do? Remember, if you answered the questions at all, you earn a goodie bag prize and a chance for the gift bag raffle at the end of the program in May. And if you answered them all correctly, you’ll get two chances! You can email a photo of your completed and signed answer page to, or drop off a completed and signed trip ticket at the library.