At-Home Road Trip Answers: May, Week 2

Here are the answers for Week 2 of May’s At-Home Road Trip ticket book. Remember, to receive credit for this week, a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must sign your page to confirm that you filled in the answers before the answers were posted. Click the post title for the full answers.


  1. Which state was purchased for two cents an acre?
  2. In which state was the golden spike set, which connected the East and West Railroads to create the Transcontinental Railroad?
  3. In what state was Sacajawea born?
  4. In which state can you pan for gold at the Argo Gold Mine?


  1. After the Civil War, US Secretary of State James Seward entered in an agreement to purchase a large quantity of land from the Russian Empire. Seward paid $7.2 million for the Russian territory; approximately 375,300,000 acres of land. (In 2021 money, that would be about $137 million, and the price per acre would go up to $0.37/acre. Still a pretty fantastic deal.) The handover was completed on October 18, 1867, which is now celebrated as Alaska Day.
  2. The First Transcontinental Railroad’s completion ceremony was held on Promontory Summit in Utah Territory, on May 10, 1869. It was the culmination of six years’ backbreaking labor, and when the ceremony was finished, a one-word telegraph message flashed between the East and West Coasts: “DONE.”
  3. Sacajawea (sometimes spelled Sacagawea) was born around the year 1788 in or near the area that would eventually become the state of Idaho. She was an invaluable translator and guide to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  4. The Argo Mine and Mill, located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, hasn’t been in active operation as a mine since World War II. Today, it’s a tourist attraction and a museum to showcase the history of industrial-scale gold mining. You can, however, try your luck at panning the old-fashioned way and hope you’ll find a glint of gold mixed in with the rocks and mud.

How did you do? Remember, if you answered the questions at all, you earn a goodie bag prize and a chance for the gift bag raffle at the end of the program in May. And if you answered them all correctly, you’ll get two chances! You can email a photo of your completed and signed answer page to, or drop off a completed and signed trip ticket at the library.