At-Home Road Trip Answers: April, Week 4

Here are the answers for Week 4 of April’s At-Home Road Trip ticket book. Remember, to receive credit for this week, a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must sign your page to confirm that you filled in the answers before the answers were posted. Click the post title for the full answers.


  1. Which state holds the International Peace Garden, which celebrates peace between Canada and the United States?
  2. In which state was the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton named Sue unearthed?
  3. From which state did Lewis and Clark start their famous expedition?
  4. In which state can you find the largest popcorn ball in the world?


  1. It’s difficult to imagine today, but the US and our neighbor to the north have in fact been at war with each other at times in the past–when Canada was still considered a territory of Great Britain, that is. During the Revolutionary War, British troops used Canadian territory as staging points for raids into the rebellious colonies, and during the War of 1812, the U.S. Army returned the favor by attempting to mount a ground invasion of Canada. (It didn’t work.) Tensions continued on and off throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, but in 1932, a national park was established to commemorate what had become a tradition of peace between the nations; you can visit it today at the International Peace Garden Border Crossing, between the province of Manitoba and North Dakota.
  2. “Sue” is the nickname for the T. Rex fossil known to the scientific community as FMNH PR 2081, one of the largest, most complete, and best-preserved examples of its kind. It’s named for its discoverer, Sue Hendrickson, who located it at the end of an expedition in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. The discovery was a pure stroke of luck, as the paleontology team was ready to go home after a long summer of digging.
  3. In 1803, the United States purchased half a billion acres of land from the French government, in what we now know as the “Louisiana Purchase.” (We say “purchase”, but the French government held no real rights to the land; what the United States bought was the right to expand into and conquer the territory without foreign intervention.) The US government commissioned Meriweather Lewis and William Clark to explore the new territory, with the goal of legitimizing the US claims to the territory and finding the most practical routes westward. Their “Corps of Discovery” began their journey on May 14, 1804, from Camp Wood in Illinois; Lewis joined the expedition six days later in St. Charles, Missouri. After traversing the Louisiana Territory, the Corps of Discovery kept going and reached the Pacific Ocean in mid-November 1805.
  4. There is apparently a fierce competition in the Midwest between cities who want to create the biggest popcorn ball in the world. For 20 years, the town of Sac City, Iowa, claimed a Guinness World Record with a two-and-a-half ton popcorn ball, until they were one-upped by the Indiana State Fair, which constructed a three-ton ball. Not to be outdone, the people of Sac City went hard to work and prepared a massive 9,370 pound (4250 kg) ball, the current record-holder. They grow a lot of corn out in Iowa.

How did you do? Remember, if you answered the questions at all, you earn a goodie bag prize and a chance for the gift bag raffle at the end of the program in May. And if you answered them all correctly, you’ll get two chances! You can email a photo of your completed and signed answer page to, or drop off a completed and signed trip ticket at the library.

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