At-Home Road Trip Answers: February Week 1

Here are the answers for Week 1 of February’s At-Home Road Trip ticket book. Remember, to receive credit for this week, a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must sign your page to confirm that you filled in the answers before the answers were posted. Click the post title for the full answers.

  1. In which state can you see Angel Oak, a 1,500-year-old tree?
  2. In which state was the first state-sponsored women’s college in the United States founded (in 1884)?
  3. In which state was the first brick road laid in the United States?
  4. In which state did Edward Teach (AKA Blackbeard the pirate) die?
  1. On Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina, you can find Angel Oak Park. No one is quite sure how old the Angel Oak tree is, with estimates ranging from 300 to as much as 1500 years old. And no one wants to cut it down to count the rings.
  2. Mississippi University for Women (the “MUW” for short, or just “the W”) is located in Columbus, Mississippi, and is still in operation today.
  3. Charleston, West Virginia, has that first brick road, completed in 1873. Bricks, of course, have been known to humanity for thousands of years, but usually the great road-builders of history preferred to use stone, dirt, and gravel to construct their roads. As horse cart and later automobile traffic became more and more prevalent, roads paved with manmade materials became the norm.
  4. Blackbeard’s ship was moored near Ocracoke Island in North Carolina when he met his end in 1718. It was his favorite party spot. He put up a terrific fight, personally crossing swords with the pirate hunter Robert Maynard of the British Navy.

How did you do? Remember, if you answered the questions at all, you earn a chance for the gift bag raffle at the end of the program in May. And if you answered them all correctly, you’ll get two chances! You can email a photo of your completed and signed answer page to, or drop off a completed and signed trip ticket at the library.