To the patrons and friends of the Dormont Public Library:
The mission of the Dormont Public Library is to empower, educate and inspire the members of Dormont through a wide offering of social, academic, and community-based programming. For over 80 years, the library has done exactly that and, as a board, we want to ensure that it continues to do so for future generations.
In the past year, the library has supported a $415,000 back hill project and numerous other repairs and replacements that a facility of this age often faces. We are extremely grateful for the financial support of State Senator Wayne D. Fontana, the Borough of Dormont, and Duquesne Light Company whose grants to support the back hill project enabled us to continue operating without significant impacts.

That being said, the library is at a point where it must be very frugal to ensure its stability. Just like we do in our own families, we’re making difficult decisions about what to do based on the money that is available to us. Our budget is a tight one, and we have focused specifically on ensuring that the library’s offerings and facility continue to be an active part of this community. To ensure that we remain on stable footing, the Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to reduce the hours of operations for the library to 45 hours a week.
This is a decision that we do not take lightly. We understand that these measures can have significant impact on individual employees, residents and others. By taking these steps now, we can ensure that the library is here for generations to come.
We ask for your continued support. As we adjust to provide residents and patrons with the free programming and services that the library makes possible, we ask that you continue your patronage of the library. For those who are able, please consider supporting the library’s fundraising efforts. Please also consider supporting our annual giving cycle this summer.
By being proactive, we hope to build on our successes, ensure that the library doesn’t experience financial problems, and look to expand our hours, programming and services in the coming years.
Dormont Public Library Board of Directors

  • Joe Costanzo, President
  • Barb Sabram, Vice President
  • Jan Moran, Secretary
  • Amie Downs, Treasurer
  • Amanda Hausman
  • Richard Roell
  • Daniele Ventresca

Please direct comments and questions about this decision to